Trousseau Packing Ideas To Impress The Guests

Trousseau Packing Ideas To Impress The Guests Trousseau packing’s rising popularity is not without any reason, it is not a new concept for Indian weddings as the tradition of packing the thalis with the translucent golden paper is a very old practice. Only the manner in which this packing is done has changed rest of the concept behind it is still the same i.e. gifting with elegance and style. Wedding Trousseau Packers are cashing in this popularity by introducing new ideas and concepts to do the packing to impress your guests and make them feel special with their Trousseau Packing Services In Delhi. We are here to help you with the trousseau packing, follow these ideas to make a lasting impression on your guests:


  1. Decorated Thalis - The age-old tradition of packing the thalis will get a new life with the new kind of packing. Decorate these thalis with shining motifs and using a metallic tray can enhance the look of it.
  2. Wedding Couture - Don’t carry the suits, Saree or ethnic wear for the in-laws in plain packing as they need to be equally impressed. Avoid the usual folding patterns and opt for alternative funky shapes. The protective cases should be elegant and colourful.
  3. Choose A Theme - This is an intelligent way to use the designs to be more reflective of the personality of the couple. You can choose consistent colour patterns and even match the theme with the overall wedding theme.

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